T Minus 3 Days Till Sweden!

Hello hello! My name is Frances and in three days, I will be flying 11 hours and starting my semester abroad in Sweden!! It’s kind of a surreal experience, since I started planning my study abroad plan almost a year ago, and now we’re really getting close. This is my first real blog (unless my middle school tumblr counts), and I hope I can look back on it when my semester abroad ends as a sort of time capsule in my life.

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic these past few days, knowing that I’ll be away from home in a completely different country for the next four months. I’m trying my best to savor these last few summer nights and soak in all these moments before I leave. I know that Stockholm will be an amazing experience though, and the four months will slip by before I know it.

I’m most excited about my core course at DIS, Forensic Psychology. I am a HUGE fan of true crime/creepy things and listen to crime/mystery podcasts whenever I can. My sister and I always talk about old crime cases or new murder documentaries and I’m hoping I can find someone in my core course who is just as interested! As a psychology major, I haven’ t had the chance to take any courses related to forensic psychology, so this is the perfect opportunity for me. Last semester at Vassar my favorite class was Clinical Psych, so I’m really looking forward to learn how mental illness and the legal system work with each other in regards to crime.

Other than my academics, I’ve been thinking of some goals I’d like to fulfill by the time I leave Sweden. Hopefully by completing these I can truly immerse myself in the culture and live like a local :

  1. Master the subway system without using a map/phone: I sort of mastered this in NYC when I was there for a month this summer, so hopefully 4 months is enough time for me to be a pro.
  2. Make at least one local Swedish friend: Since I’m living with some Swedes in my Studentboende, this shouldn’t be too hard…right?
  3. Find the best Chinese restaurant in Stockholm: Having lived in Beijing for half of my life, I am a big Chinese food snob and must find the most authentic restaurant there is.
  4. Go for a run outside: Apparently our Studentboende is near some parks and a river, so going out for a run nearby will be a good chance for me to get familiar with the area and possibly find some cool spots.
  5. Have a conversation in Swedish: This may be the toughest goal to complete, since I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Hopefully I’ll find someone who is patient and willing to listen to my probably-broken Swedish once I start learning in class.

That’s all I have so far, but I definitely will be adding more to the list after I arrive in Stockholm.

As these next few days go by, the butterflies in my stomach will continue to grow. I know that living in a new city with new people will require an adjustment period, where I may be homesick, and that is totally okay. However, I know that once I settle in, make friends, and get into a routine, I’ll be ready to live my best life in Stockholm! Before I sign off, I wanted to share a playlist of songs I’ve been listening to while I’ve been packing and daydreaming of life in Stockholm. Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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