My Favorite Restaurants/Cafés in Stockholm!

Now that there are only two weeks left of my semester in Stockholm, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I have some go-to restaurants/cafés to eat meals at when I’m too lazy to cook in the Studentboende. When I initially arrived, I was a little bit disappointed with the lack of diversity inContinue reading “My Favorite Restaurants/Cafés in Stockholm!”

Living in the Studentboende: Pros and Cons

DIS has a couple of housing options and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which option fits best for you. Now that I’ve been living in the Studentboende for 3 months, I thought I’d talk in-depth about this option and the pros and cons that come along living in the Studentboende. I wouldContinue reading “Living in the Studentboende: Pros and Cons”

Long Study Tour: Edinburgh, Scotland!

The long study tour was something I was really looking forward to before I even came to Stockholm. The opportunity to travel to a new place with my classmates and getting to learn about crime prevention from the perspective of another country was something that really stuck out to me when I was looking atContinue reading “Long Study Tour: Edinburgh, Scotland!”

My Solo Trip to Vienna!

Now that I’ve been living in Stockholm for more than a month, I’d say I have a pretty solid routine. Going to the gym, commuting to DIS, cooking dinner, doing homework… But now that I’ve gotten that normalcy I was so desperate for in the beginning of the semester, I really wanted to go outContinue reading “My Solo Trip to Vienna!”

Core Course Week: Gothenburg!

Last week was Core Course Week, so on Monday my Forensic Psychology class headed over to Gothenburg, a city on the west side of Sweden. With everything that was packed into this week, I was exhausted by the end of it, but also grateful for the super informative & insightful visits we made to variousContinue reading “Core Course Week: Gothenburg!”

Exploring Stockholm: First Impressions

Hej! My first week in Stockholm has now officially passed. With orientation, classes beginning, and jet lag, it kind of feels like a month has already passed. The housing I’m living in, called a Studentboende, is similar to a college dorm, with our own rooms and a communal kitchen. It is a LOT nicer thanContinue reading “Exploring Stockholm: First Impressions”

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