The third week of me living in Sweden is over! I think I’ve gotten used to my classes, getting to DIS, and cooking for myself. Someone even asked me for directions in Swedish (so I’m BASICALLY Swedish now), but I definitely had no idea what she was saying or where she was going so I was no help at all. 

There is so much to do in Stockholm, whether it be parks, random alleyways, or museums. My friend Charlotte is a huge ABBA/Mamma Mia fan, so last weekend we decided to go the ABBA Museum!

Embarrassingly, ABBA was pretty much the only thing (also the Skarsgård brothers) related to Sweden I knew about before coming here. I also recently watched the first Mamma Mia movie (I’m very behind on movies) and couldn’t get all the songs out of my head.

We took the subway down to T-Centralen, then hopped in the bus to Djurgården, which dropped us off right in front of the museum. The entrance down to the museum is sooo pretty and looks exactly like the architecture you see on Greek Islands.

The first part of the exhibit was dedicated to the Mamma Mia franchise and the filming process. They had a bunch of costumes and props from Mamma Mia on display. It was very cool to recognize all the outfits from the movies, especially Donna’s iconic overalls from the first movie.

The next part of the museum is all about ABBA’s history, their songwriting process, and the moments that led up to their break. The museum was super interactive and I learned more than I ever thought I would know about ABBA. If you’re bored and have a couple of free hours, I would definitely recommend coming here.

This week was pretty low-key for me, but I did go to some pretty good restaurants. I think I’ll start posting about my favorite meals/restaurants each week because I have a bottomless pit of a stomach and am always looking for good restaurants. Yesterday, Charlotte’s parents came to visit her and invited me to lunch with them at Prinsen, and I got to have a very traditional Swedish meal.

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, and lingonberries! Thank you @Charlotte’s parents!!

Another place I went to this week that I loved was Mahalo, a plant-based restaurant/cafe that had very cute decor and was only a few bus stops away from DIS. I got an acai bowl, but they also have savory options and a bunch of pastries on display.

Pitaya bowl + Mahalo toppings

Tomorrow is the beginning of core course week so expect a blog post on that next week! Also stay tuned for some more pictures of food 🙂

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