Core Course Week: Gothenburg!

Last week was Core Course Week, so on Monday my Forensic Psychology class headed over to Gothenburg, a city on the west side of Sweden. With everything that was packed into this week, I was exhausted by the end of it, but also grateful for the super informative & insightful visits we made to various organizations. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

Gothenburg: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

After arriving to Gothenburg at around noon, we had a quick lunch before going to the Halvvägshuset Göteborg, a halfway house for prisoners that are nearing the end of their sentence.

I was pleasantly surprised at how cosy and welcoming the halfway house felt. Residents also have much more freedom than I expected: they leave the house to go to work, buy their own groceries, and have visiting hours to see family/friends. This process of gradually re-integrating into society is especially important for those who have been incarcerated for long periods of time.

One of the living rooms in the halfway house

On Tuesday morning, we visited a research group known as CLIP (Criminal, Legal, and Investigative Psychology). We had speakers give us presentations on their PhD research as well as their experiences working in law enforcement.

We had a lot of free time in the afternoon, so some friends and I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens to explore and get some cute pictures. I’m glad we went, because the garden was so beautiful and admission was free!

We then met back up with our class and did an escape room at a place called Prison Island. My group tried our best, but we still ended up getting second to last place (oh well). We had a class dinner at an Italian restaurant, where I ate so much I had a food baby and could barely walk. DIS is very generous when it comes to our class meals. To try to burn off some of the pasta we ate, my friends and I decided to walk back to our hostel and explore a bit of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg at night 🙂

Wednesday morning we met with the Swedish Police Authority, where we learned about the duties of police officers, current issues that Swedish law enforcement are facing, and the factors that can lead immigrants to commit crime. After lunch, we hopped on the train back to Stockholm, which I actually missed a little.

Stockholm: Thursday & Friday

After a really good night’s rest in my own bed, our class met up at Mansjouren, a men’s crisis shelter. This place provides support for men that are going through unhealthy relationships, marital issues, or for men looking to change their own abusive behavior. I had never heard of a men’s shelter prior to our visit, but now I know they are a much-needed organization.

Fryshuset was the last organization we visited in our core course week. Fryshuset is organization that holds social activities for the community, focusing on at-risk youth. One project within Fryshuset focuses on the de-radicalization of the right-wing extremists. Our speaker, Pelle, talked us through the thought processes of a radicalized individual as well as his own method of de-radicalizing them. This was my favorite presentation of the week because of its relevance in today’s society and because Pelle was such a fun speaker.

On Friday, our class met up at DIS and we had a discussion/reflection of our week. Overall, despite the early mornings, I felt like this week provided opportunities for us to really get to know each other and bond.

Our class photo!

This has been a loooong blog post, but I hope you all enjoyed! I’ll talk to you guys soon 🙂

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