Exploring Stockholm: First Impressions

Hej! My first week in Stockholm has now officially passed. With orientation, classes beginning, and jet lag, it kind of feels like a month has already passed.

The housing I’m living in, called a Studentboende, is similar to a college dorm, with our own rooms and a communal kitchen. It is a LOT nicer than the dorms at Vassar (which are almost 200 years old and may or may not have mice living in them), and everything is very modern.

Gamla Stan, AKA Stockholm’s Old Town. Very picturesque and very good for Instagram photos

These past few days, I’ve been exploring the city with my friends and am getting the hang of using public transportation in Sweden. We’re lucky that DIS provides us with SL cards that allow us to get on any bus or subway.

Going 5 stops from my dorm on the green line takes me directly to T-Centralen, which is the heart of the subway system and an area that I have found myself frequently going to. There are so many clothing stores and cute cafes in this area, and is always packed with people.

Around T-Centralen is where I also found an Asian grocery store, called Oriental Supermarket (very original, I know). In there, they have basically everything you need to make some good homemade Chinese food. DIS gives us a food stipend, but we can only use it at a grocery chain (ICA), where the selection of Asian cooking ingredients is a bit lacking. Also, it was nice to find a place where I could speak Chinese to someone, since I was a little homesick. I will DEFINITELY be going to Oriental Supermarket every week for groceries.

I was also able to explore the area around my Studentboende by going for a run (more like a walk because me running is just….sad to watch). There’s a bunch of paths that lead to a trail along the river where there are bikers, runners, and dog walkers. I also saw a cat on my run, which made it all worth it. I’m pretty proud of myself for already completing something on my list of goals!

This week has been super busy and crazy, but I am definitely settling in and developing a routine. I promise I’ll have more pictures for my next blog post!!

Lastly, heres another quick playlist of songs I’ve been listening to 🙂

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