Olá, Portugal!

Last week was our travel week, while other DIS students had their long study tour. My Forensic Psych class is going to Edinburgh! Stay tuned for a post about that later. For the travel week, some DIS students stay in Stockholm to rest and catch up on work, while others take this time to travel a bit.

As for me, I met my parents in Portugal! I was happy to go somewhere warm – it’s already gotten pretty cold in Sweden. I was able to get some more use out of all the summer clothes I brought (don’t bring too many shorts or dresses to Sweden like I did, it gets cold quickly).

Traveling around Portugal with my parents was nice because I missed them, but also because I didn’t have to pay for anything myself! I ate SO much seafood and fresh fruit and soaked up the sun that I missed so much.

My mom and I first took the train to Porto to see the Douro Valley and some small towns nearby. Afterwards, we took the train back to Lisbon and spent the rest of the week there.

Portugal is much more affordable than Sweden and is also quite walkable, although it can be hilly at times. We walked basically everywhere, so I was pretty much dead at the end of the day. It’s a really beautiful country, with a mix of old buildings and modern architecture.

I was really glad DIS gave us a travel week to spend some time out of class and exploring Europe. As my week was drawing to an end, I found myself missing Stockholm and looking forward to sleeping in my bed at the Studentboende, which I wasn’t expecting. Our trip to Edinburgh is in a week, and I’m really looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’ll be doing readings for class and writing papers.

I haven’t made a playlist in a while, so here’s some songs that I’ve been listening to these past few weeks! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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