Long Study Tour: Edinburgh, Scotland!

The long study tour was something I was really looking forward to before I even came to Stockholm. The opportunity to travel to a new place with my classmates and getting to learn about crime prevention from the perspective of another country was something that really stuck out to me when I was looking at DIS.

Our class went to Edinburgh, which I was especially excited about since Edinburgh is supposedly very haunted. I also really wanted to try haggis, which turned out to be very interesting (in a good way!).

Although our class trip to Gothenburg was great, we had early mornings and I was always too tired at the end of the day to do any exploring. I was a little worried that our trip to Edinburgh would be the same way, but we actually had lots of free time to walk around the city ourselves and shop.

After we first arrived, our class went to afternoon tea in the Tower Restaurant. After waking up early in the morning and sitting in the plane for 2 hours, having some tea and pastries in afternoon is definitely what I needed.

Out of all the organizations we visited, one of my favorites was the Edinburgh Police Station. Like many people in my class, I used to watch a bunch of Criminal Minds and other crime TV shows, so I was looking forward to this presentation. We got to learn a little bit about what being a police officer is like, and got to talk through a murder case that actually happened a few years ago.

Another one of my favorites was the Kibble Education and Care Center, which provides housing and care for youth that have gone through trauma. It was really interesting to walk around the facility and learn about the case-by-case approach they use to treat youth.

DIS also organized some non-academic activities for us as a class to do together. We hiked up Arthurs Seat, which was muddy but had an amazing view, went on a walking food tour, and had a murder mystery dinner.

All in all, I really loved visiting Edinburgh and DIS really spoiled us with the hotel, food, and activities. It was great to be outside of a classroom setting with our professor and classmates, especially during meals, where we got the chance to talk to our professor about things other than psychology. Next week is our last forensic psychology class, and I’m a little sad that it’s over.

An important part of studying abroad is having a good balance between work and fun, and I think the way DIS as a program is organized is great. Reflecting on my time abroad so far, this study tour is definitely one of the highlights!

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