Living in the Studentboende: Pros and Cons

DIS has a couple of housing options and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which option fits best for you. Now that I’ve been living in the Studentboende for 3 months, I thought I’d talk in-depth about this option and the pros and cons that come along living in the Studentboende.

I would say the Studentboende is the housing option that is most similar to traditional US college dorms. All DIS students live between 2 floors of the building, we share a room and bathroom with our roommate, and each floor shares a kitchen.

I appreciate the freedom that comes with living in the Studentboende, and I think the responsibilities that come with living here have made me more independent. Our rooms are decently sized and much more modern compared to the dorms I’m used to at Vassar. That being said, there are some drawbacks that come with living here, which I will talk about now!

The typical room setup


  • Maintaining the cleanliness of communal areas is difficult, since everyone has different standards of cleanliness and some people aren’t really used to cleaning up after themselves. At times, the kitchen can get messy when people forget to wash their dishes or don’t put things back in place. We are so fortunate to have a cleaner that comes in once a week, but it can get pretty gross over the weekends.
Our common room/kitchen
  • Getting used to sharing your space with others can be difficult, especially if you used to live in a single like I did. Since we’re in charge of cleaning our own rooms and bathrooms, you really have to make sure the responsibilities are divided. It took me a while to get used to living with someone else again, but now I’ve adjusted to it!
  • Doing laundry can be a bit of a hassle here, since you have a 3-hour slot that you have to sign up for electronically. If you forget to get your clothes out within that 3 hour period, you can’t get back in the laundry room unless someone else who signed up lets you in.
  • If you’re hoping to join a gym, the chain that most DIS students join is SATS. The closest SATS is around a 15 minute walk from the Studentboende, which doesn’t seem bad at first, but when its raining and its 5 degrees celsius, walking there can be rough.


  • Having the freedom to cook for yourself! Living in a Studentboende means you’re responsible for cooking your own meals. We receive a stipend from DIS, so you don’t have to worry about spending your own money on groceries, although the money can run out quickly. I enjoy cooking, so having the ability to make my own meals and learning new recipes is always fun. When I find myself missing home, I make some Chinese food and it always makes me feel better 🙂
  • The commute to DIS is pretty short – it takes around 25 minutes for me to get from the Studentboende to DIS. Some homestays have to commute up to an hour to get to DIS, so I’m really grateful for where we live!
  • The Studentboende is located in a fairly quiet, residential area. The grocery store is barely a 2 minute walk from us, and there are a bunch of restaurants close by. My favorite part is the forest right next to us that has running trails and leads down to the lake! If you want to get to the city center, it only takes around 15 minutes by subway.
One of many trails in the forest
  • The best part about the Studentboende is how easy it is to meet people, since you’re living with so many DIS students. There’s always someone in the common room if you want to talk, hang out, or have a question about an assignment. On Thursdays, we have Torgdagsmys (Cosy Thursdays), where a group of us make dinner and eat together as a floor.

All in all, I think I made the right decision in choosing to live in the Studentboende. Like any housing option, there are a few downsides, but I’ve quickly learned to love our dorm and the freedom it gives us. Hopefully this post gives you some insight into living in the Studentboende and helps you decide on your housing when you come to Stockholm!

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